February 2024

February 20th, 2024

Baby Room

We would like to welcome Elsie and Nola to our room this month. We hope they have a great time in our room with their new friends.

All of our friends have had some wonderful growth over the last month we are excited to tell the families about.

Joy is thirteen months old and has been in the daycare for about a month now. She is slowly warming up to all her new friends and her teachers. Joy has started crawling and trying to walk sideways along the bars of the small stair set in the classroom. She is also able to stand up and move along the furniture we have in the classroom. Her gross development is coming along great! She loves using her hands to play and inspect the toys around her. She loves having any food and being able to practice her fine motor development by picking up the small bite sized pieces. She has had a great month of growth with us!

Edward is a very active boy! He loves to explore the different play areas in the Baby Room as well as the Toddler Room. Edward has started crawling around the classroom lots and has also started to practice his walking skills by pulling himself along the furniture in the classrooms. He loves crawling up and down the small set of stairs we have in the Toddler Room. Edward is working on developing his language skills. Currently Edward will use his hands to point at the toys or objects he would like. He is so funny he is always making his teachers laugh!

Miles is a sweet and curious child! He loves to participate in any of our daily activities in the classroom. Miles has started gaining some wonderful language skills and is able to say the words water, milk, more and mom! He is also slowly able to recognize his animals and make the correct corresponding sounds to the animals such as cows, cats and dogs. Miles has very strong legs and is able to push the toy cars outside back and forth. Miles loves finger play songs and is very good at copying the actions of his
teachers. Miles gross motor and fine motor development is coming along very well!

Davis is another friend who has finished his first month with us in the daycare. He is a quiet and shy child. He loves to go outside to walk around the playground and observe the other children. Davis really enjoys story time. He loves looking at the pictures of the book as the teacher reads and describes them. Davis has great gross motor skills and is able to walk around the classroom as well as walking up and down the small set of stairs in the Toddler Room by holding the bars. He loves to help assist his teachers with getting dressed for outside or getting undressed from outside time by pulling his arms out or his legs out! Davis loves to eat lunch and snack everyday!

Mirabel has started walking alone without any assistance from teachers or objects! She is so proud of herself! She is such an independent girl already! Mirabel has started speaking some simple words such as the name of her brother, some of her friends as well. Mirabel is a very observant child and loves doing puzzles in daycare. She is very nice and kind to her friends. She loves to play peek-a-boo still as well as going outside with her friends.

Miley is a very active girl and always has a smile on her face! She is attentive to the teachers when we call her name. She has started to be able to push and pull toys or other objects while she is walking around the classroom or outside. She loves to stack blocks during play time and loves to investigate toys with both her hands. Miley’s favourite toy is her stuffed bunny from home. Miley is doing wonderful with her gross motor development.

Ivy has had such great language development in the last month. She is able to say five or more words. She is able to understand simple requests from her teachers such as “bring me your shoes.” Or “let’s throw the ball.” She has started to be able to identify pictures in the books we read in the class, and also imitate simple animal sounds. Ivy is starting to recognize body parts on herself and on her dolls. Ivy loves playing with the balls, cars and riding the horse in the classroom.

Zayn loves circle time with his friends and teacher. He loves to sing silly songs and imitate the actions to some songs! He has started gaining some great gross motor development becoming able to go up and down the small stair set in the Toddler classroom. He has started to attempt to say three or more words. He has become able to hold his cup to drink out of and to hold his own spoon or fork to eat. Zayn loves to pick up his food with his fingers during lunch and snack time. Zayn loves to play in the block area. He
is able to stack three or more blocks into a tower. Zayn as very friendly with the other children in his class!

Mrs. Hilda, Mrs. Aman

Toddler Room 1

Happy Birthday to Harper!

This month we will be talking about Valentine’s Day. During circle time we will talk about what Valentine’s Day means, and the things we do on that day. We will sing the “I love you” song and explain to the children how we must love our family members.

For art, we will make a red heart with footprints, and we will fold it
to turn it into a card. For sensory play, we will fill the water table and add some red or pink food colouring. Then we will add some heart shapes, and glitter for the children to play with. 

Later on in the month, we will talk about our families, and how they’re
special. We will discuss some of the things you can do as a family. As a class, we will also discuss pets and our grandparents. We will talk about how we should take care of our pets and some of the activities you can do with your grandparents. We will be making pets like dogs and cats during our craft time.

Near the end of the month, we will talk about the magic words (please and thank you) and manners! During circle time, we will discuss why we need to have good manners and the magic words we should be using. We will read the book The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf and discuss the importance of honesty. The children will make a magic word craft, where they will cut papers with magic words on them, and glue them on a piece of construction paper.

Mrs. Naouel, Mrs. Georgina

Toddler Room 2

Happy Birthday to Erik this month.

Hello families and welcome to February!! We can’t believe January is already over! One step closer to summer! We have a couple wonderful holidays to celebrate this month and we can’t wait to have fun with our friends!

We will start February off by finishing our Letter “O”. The children should have quite a lot of fun with this weeks activities.

Our next week will be filled with two fun subjects, the Letter “P” and Valentines Day! We start the week with our letters and then we will move on to some lovey dovey art activities for our friends. We will be using quite a few different mediums to create our art.

The following week we will finish off with Valentines Day fun and move on to our Family Day fun! We can’t wait to make some family trees and cards for our wonderful families.

The third week of February will be full of tricky art with the Letter “Q”. This isn’t the most common letter so it will be interesting to teach the children some new words!

Our final week of February will be for the Letter “R”. The children are getting so good at their letters! We have been having so much fun the last few months learning and practicing our alphabet.

Mrs. Kayleigh, Mrs. Monisha

Preschool Room

Happy Birthday to Ellison!

Hello Parents! The sun’s light is beginning to reach us earlier in the mornings and is staying a little longer with us each afternoon. We are so looking forward to a spring filled with warmer days.

Valentine’s Day puts one in mind of notes, cards, and letters to friends and loved ones. So, what could be a more fitting pre-Valentine’s theme than a post office? Books have been selected to reflect this theme. They include Mail Harry to the Moon!; Too Many Moose!; and The Post Office. During art, we will practice stamping with bubble wrap and toilet paper rolls. We will write secret messages with invisible ink, and then reveal the message with turmeric. We will also practice our cutting skills by creating postcards.

Valentine’s Day week will greet the children with a classroom decked out in red and pink. We will discuss friendship: kindness, empathy, and celebrating with others. Our books this week include Happy Valentine’s Day, Charlie Brown; Celebrate Valentine’s Day; Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George. Hearts will be painted pink and bedazzled with pom poms and feathers. We will make water-resistant hearts with oil pastels and watercolours. We will also use cookie cutters to make heart prints. We will be singing I’m a Little Valentine and Five Little Hearts. Our water table will be filled with Valentine’s Day objects.            

After Valentine’s Day week, our theme will change to friendship. Our books for this theme include Friendship, A Color for His Own, and I Will Surprise My Friend! We will be discussing how we can be there for our friends, what we enjoy doing with our friends, and so much more! We will make friendship necklaces from baking soda clay, friendship wreaths from our handprints, a flower kindness craft, and we will make chocolate chip cookies together. The dramatic play area will be set up as a post office and will include a post box, envelopes, and paper for the children to draw pictures for their friends or to practice forming letters.

Mrs. Tanya, Mrs. Yana, Mrs. Tatyana

January 2024

January 13th, 2024

Baby Room

Hello families and welcome to the new year! We are so excited for January as we get two new friends in the Baby Room! Our new friends are Joy and Davis.

For the first week of January we will be learning about Winter. For circle time we will have all the children singing the song “Snowflake on my Nose.” For our story time we will be reading the book “The Snowy Day.” For our crafts this week we will be making a handprint winter tree. Our friends love using their hands to make handprints so this should be quite a fun art project for them!

The second week of January we will be talking about Polar Bears! The children love roaring like a big scary bear! For circle time we will be singing the song “Yes I’m a Polar Bear.” For our reading material this week we will be reading the book “Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear?” For our craft we will be making a polar bear face using coffee filters.

During the third week of January we will be teaching the children about Penguins. For circle time we will be singing a finger play song called “Five Little Penguins.” For story time week we will be reading the book “Tacky the Penguin.” For crafts this week we will be using the children’s feet to make little foot print penguins! They should have so much fun!

For our last week of January we will be learning about our Five Senses. For circle time we will be singing the songs “Five Senses” and “Bingo”. For our story time we will be reading the book “Touching.” For our craft this week we will be using different textures to make a collage! The children should have lots of fun touching and feeling the different textures.

If the weather permits we hope to have the children outside playing in the playground. They love sliding down the slide, riding the bikes, and driving the cars around. We are so excited to have all our friends back after the Christmas break and are very excited for our new friends to join us.

Mrs. Hilda, Mrs. Aman

Toddler Room 1

Happy New Year! I hope you spent a lot of time with your family and loved ones. This month, we’re going to be talking about winter sports. During circle time, we will talk about hockey, skating, and sledding. We will read books such as Flora and the Penguin, and Pigaloo. We will also play with flashcards of the alphabet, numbers, and colours. For crafts, the children will make skates, and they will get to decorate them however they would like.

The cold is coming, and we will talk about what we can do when there is snow outside. We will discuss how each snowflake is different, and how we can roll the snow into balls to make a snowman. We will help the children make a snowflake with aluminum foil. They will get a blank piece of paper, and they will use strips of foil to make the snowflake lines. The books we will read will include Max and Marla, and Tacky and the Winter Games. In the housekeeping area, we will add extra toques, mittens, and warm clothes to dress the baby dolls. We will explain to the children that it is important to stay warm when going outside.

Later in the month, we will talk about winter animals. During circle time, we will sing the weather song, and have a puppet show about winter animals. The animals we will talk about are polar bears, penguins, rabbits, reindeer, and the Arctic fox. We will play flashcards to identify each animal, and where they live. We will also sing the song “I’m a Little Penguin”. The books we will read will be Mice Skating and Snowy Sports. For arts and crafts we will make a cotton ball penguin. 

Mrs. Naouel, Mrs. Georgina

Toddler Room 2

Welcome to 2024! We hope everyone had a magnificent Christmas Holiday season with family and friends! We missed all our friends over the holidays and we are so excited to get back and have some fun with the children!

For the month of January we will be coving more of our letters in the alphabet. Our first week back we will be teaching the children about the letter “K.” We will have the children painting Kiwis with sponges. Our next item will be making a Key using aluminum foil as an art medium. We will have the children soaring in the clouds as they make their own Kite. Then we will end the letter “K” with a Kitten art creation. We hope the children have so much fun their first week back

Our second week of January will consist of the letter “L.” This is going to be a fun week of activities. We even have a science experiment using a Lemon to paint. We are so excited to see what the children are able to make using the juice of a lemon and food coloring on their paper. We will also have the children creating their own roaring Lion! The children love roaring in the classroom seeing who can be the scariest! We will also be making yummy Lollipops with multiple markers taped together to try and make
a circular shape. The last couple days of the week we will be covering a Leaf and a Ladybug. The children had so much fun this summer finding ladybugs in the playground they will have so much fun making their own!

For our third week in January we will be covering the letter “M.” We will be covering a wide variety of things that start with the letter “M.” Our first project will be making a Monkey! All the children love acting like silly monkeys and now they will use their hands to make a monkey in a tree. The children love painting with their hands so it should be quite a fun time! We will then move on to making a Moon! Having the children learn about space is such a fun time! They love being able to see the moon in the
morning time while we are outside playing in the playground! For our next art project we will be using Macaroni to create a picture! I’m sure the children will have so much fun as they all love eating macaroni! Now they can see what macaroni looks like before it’s cooked. Then we will move on to making a tiny Mouse. Since the children love using their hands to paint we will be making a tiny mouse face with their handprints! Our last art project during the letter “M” week will be Mountains. We will have the children using glue to glue different colored paper to their white paper to create a mountain effect. We will add snow capped mountains to our picture since it is still winter! We hope the children really enjoy this weeks art activities.

Our fourth week of January will be representing the letter “N.” We will start with having the children make a nice calm Night scene. We will have them paint their papers dark like the night sky and add little stars for a pop of colour. The next day we will be making a Nest. Children will be using brown paint and a fork to try and create a small nest for birds. Since noodles start with “N” we will be using cooked noodles for this art activity. We hope the children like feeling the texture of cooked noodles vs dry macaroni. For our second last art activity we will have the children gluing numbers to their paper. We are always practicing our counting with all the children and this will be a good time for them to get the visual look of the numbers they are saying. Our last art creation for the week of “N” will be a Narwhal. The children love reading books about the ocean and now we will be able to have them create their own whale in the ocean. It will be interesting to see what each friend makes.

Our last week of January will consist of making items that start with the letter “O.” It was a bit tricky finding the best items to make starting with the letter “O” that the children would recognize. We will
start the week easy and make a little Octopus! This will be a fun activity as we also get to count out eight legs for each Octopus. We will move on to another animal and make an Owl. We will have the children flying around the classroom with all their friends being silly after making this art creation! Our next item to make starting with the letter “O” will be the Ocean! After creating a narwhal it will be fun to let the children create their own ocean scene and see what they come up with! Our second last art project will be a simple Orange. We will have the children painting in a circle shape! We might try and add orange
juice to the paint to see if they can smell an orange in the orange paint. Our last thing we will make starting with “O” will be Olaf! All the children love singing the song from Frozen so this will be a fun silly activity for all the children to enjoy! We can’t wait to get started on all our learning we have planned for January! It will be so much fun getting back into the swing of things with all our friends again!

Mrs. Kayleigh, Mrs. Monisha

Preschool Room

Happy Birthday to Zachary, Annie, and Stella this month.

Happy New Year! January will consist of an All About Me theme, focusing on different aspects of ourselves such as our homes, families, senses, and feelings.

            Home and family are precious things, and we will talk about our families and homes during circle time. Pictures of houses and apartment buildings will be presented to the children so they can pick out shapes within real-life images. Puzzles of people wearing different outfits will be available for the children to play with. We will read books like The Family Book, and My Family, Your Family. We will teach the children songs like Some Families, With My Family, and We’re a Happy Family. The children will get the opportunity to play dress-up in the dramatic play area and play “family” with dollhouses. During art, we will draw and decorate a basic house, paint, and do a puppet “self-portrait.”

            We will spend some time on our five senses. The children will learn about smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight. We will take a sensory walk, using our feet to feel different sensations (feathers, paper, bubble wrap). We will play a hearing game. The children will listen to different sounds and must guess what they are listening to. The children will be able to sample different smell jars and talk about what they are smelling. We will talk about which parts of our body are responsible for our senses. We will present books like The Five Senses, Pete the Cat: Five Senses, and The Pigeon Needs a Bath. We will sing The Five Senses, I Have Five Senses, and Do You Like Lasagne Milkshakes? The children will paint on tin foil, with seasonings and spices, and play with scented playdough.

Feelings, what are they, how many are there? We will explore this topic in many ways. We will begin by showing the children a feelings chart and having the children point out how they are feeling that day. During storytime, we will ask the children how they think the characters in the story are feeling and why. We will read books like The Colour Monster, Sad Monster, Glad Monster, The Boy with Big, Big Feelings, and Ruby Finds a Worry. The children will be making the feelings monsters art project which requires them to fold paper, paint, and organize shapes into facial characteristics. 

Mrs. Tanya, Mrs. Tatyana, Mrs. Yana

December 2023

December 6th, 2023

Dear Parents,

The daycare will be closed from December 21st to December 27th. We will re-open on December 28th.

Santa will stop by for a visit on Monday December 11 at 10AM.

Baby Room

Hello families! We hope everyone is excited and ready for Christmas. We can’t wait to celebrate this festive season with the children. We would like to give a little report and talk about growth and achievements of our little friends.

Edward joined our room in November and is becoming more used to our routine. The first month can be hard but Edward is improving, eating and sleeping very well. He started to socialize with other children in the room. Some days he really misses his parents, and on those days we give him his blanket to help make him feel more comfortable. He is a very lovely boy and is getting better every day.

Our second friend is Miles. He is very happy and active, loves exploring new things, and copying adults when they talk. Miles has a very good appetite and is very kind to other children. He waves goodbye to the teacher every afternoon when he goes home, and loves to build towers with 2 or 3 blocks.

Our third friend is Mirabel. She is very quiet and gentle. Some days she has a bit of a hard time transitioning to the class. Mirabel’s favorite game to play with teachers and friends is Peek-a-Boo with scarves. She has so much fun dancing to music, and makes her own dance moves. Mirabel has recently started taking her first steps. This makes her feel so happy and proud that she claps her hands every time.

Our fourth friend is Miley. Miley is able to eat without the teachers help. She is able to hold the spoon steady and scoop up food. Miley loves going for walks around the playground during outside time, and playing with balls with her friends. Miley loves to hop to the song Hop Little Bunnies while standing in front of the mirror in the room.

Our fifth friend is Ivy. Ivy loves to babble with her friends and socialize with teachers. She is always busy doing some sort of activity. Ivy loves to ride the rocking horse in the classroom and play with puzzles. She loves reading books and painting. She is able to recognize some animals in the books she reads.

Our next friend is Zayn. He is a very jolly and friendly boy who loves playing with other children in the room. He is very good at climbing the small slide outside while holding the handle bars. Sometimes he can be a little impatient when it comes to waiting for his turn to go on the slide, but we are making sure to teach everyone about sharing and taking turns.

Our next friend is Alba. Alba loves giving hugs to other children. He loves reading books and getting very good at recognizing the different objects in the books by their name and sound. Alba’s verbal skills are developing and he’s able to point to an object he would like and can say simple words such as More, Milk, Dog, but his favorite word is Clock and he’s always searching around the rooms for clocks.

Our next friend is Luke. He is very quiet and kind and loves to play with balls in the room and outside on the playground. Some days Luke even likes to bring a ball from home to show his friends. He is very good at throwing and kicking the balls. He loves playing soccer outside with the teacher. This month, Luke regularly visits Toddler Room 1 as he is the oldest child in the baby room and will soon be transitioning to the new room.

Mrs. Hilda, Mrs. Aman

Toddler Room 1

Happy Birthday to Rory!

We will start December by talking about the Gingerbread Man and Winter holidays. The children will make their own Gingerbread Man and decorate it. They’ll use pipe cleaners, pom poms, and paint to customize their craft. We will read The Gingerbread Man, and The Ginger Girl during circle time. We will sing Five Gingerbread Men as it is a fun themed way to practice our counting skills.

Our next project is Christmas, and Christmas Trees. We’ll talk about children’s favorite Christmas decorations, and about different family traditions during Christmas. We will be painting, cutting, and decorating Christmas trees. During circle time, we will sing holiday songs and read stories about Santa, reindeer, and snowmen.

The next theme will be snow and snowmen. We will read Frosty The Snowman, and The Biggest Best Snowman Ever. If the weather permits, we will go outside and build our own little snowmen. We will use sticks, pine cones, gloves, and hats to decorate them. For art, we will make a snowman craft. For sensory play, we will bring a bucket of snow into the water table where children will be encouraged to touch, and feel the snow and watch it melt.

Mrs. Naouel, Mrs. Georgina

Toddler Room 2

Hello families and welcome to December!

We are so excited to start our Christmas fun activities. We would like to welcome Amzi to our room.

In the first week of December, we will have some fun group activities to get the classroom more festive for the holidays. With the help of our little friends in Toddler Room 1, we will be able to make a group designed, giant gingerbread man, and decorate it all together. We will then move on to painting and decorating and giant cardboard gingerbread house that children can play with once it’s done. Teachers painted a very nice fireplace in the classroom. Each child will make their own colourful stocking that we’ll hang above the fireplace. We will do our favourite classroom activity, painting with puffy paint. All of our friends love using this simple medium to create a very fluffy snowman.

We will end this week by having the children stuff and decorate and ornament to take home and hang on their Christmas tree.

Our next project is making Christmas cookies using salt dough. Children will use a variety of cookie cutters to cut out fun shapes, and when the dough is dry, they can paint their creations. We will also use our hands to get super messy this week with handprint Christmas trees. Once everyone’s tree has dried, we will hang them around the classroom for everyone to see.

For our final week before the Christmas holidays, we will make more ornaments using contact paper and different shapes. All our friends will be able to take their masterpiece home to hang on their family’s Christmas tree.

Hopefully we will have some snow outside. We plan to spend our last days of the year by bringing snow inside and painting it.

The holidays are so fun and we can’t wait to bring some Christmas cheer and beautiful creations to your homes.

Mrs. Kayleigh, Mrs. Monisha

Preschool Room

Merry Christmas to everyone! Happy Birthday to Michael, and Elliott this month.

We would like to wish all the best to Mrs. Izabela who went on maternity leave as she’s expecting her baby boy at the beginning of January.

Red ribbons, Santa’s galore, candy canes, and so much more! Our classroom has been decked out in holiday cheer, and we are so happy to have you here.

Our themes will focus on different aspects of this season.

The first week we will talk about snow. The clothes we wear when it’s snowing, how people should drive, how we can help neighbors shovel the sidewalks, etc. Hopefully we will have some snow to play with outside, use our shovels and pails, make snow angels, and snowmen. We will read the stories The Mitten, Frosty The Snowman, and Snow Sisters.

Next we will focus on multicultural holidays such as Hannukah and Kwanza, and explain how people celebrate holidays around the world.

Santa Claus is coming to town. We will be talking about Christmas treats like candy canes, decorating cookies and gingerbread men. We will also discuss how people can spread peace, joy, and love during the holidays. Children will create Christmas trees, Santa’s, and gingerbread men. Our sensory table will contain a winter offering of Christmas baubles and trinkets to delight and provide opportunities to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Mrs. Tanya, Mrs. Tatyana, Mrs. Yana