February 2018

January 28th, 2018

Dear Parents,

We would like to welcome Maxim, Bodhi, Gweneth, Livvy, and Yasim to the daycare this month.

Happy birthdays to Gweneth, Livvy, Maya, Alexie, Iyla, Hayden, and Isabelle.

Please note: Our daycare will be closed Monday February 19 for Family Day.

We know that parents are busy and have a limited amount of free time; as a result we are proposing a parent committee communicate via email regarding any questions or suggestions in order to improve your child’s experience in our program. If you would like to join our parent committee, please contact us directly at bpevzner@shaw.ca with the subject line “parent committee”.

It is such a pleasure to watch every child in our program learn and grow. It is a joy to see them explore and develop new skills. Our programming is still based upon the observations and child interests. Staff in each room are completing observations of different aspects and skills of each child on a monthly basis. If parents have not yet asked to see the observations, please feel free to speak to any staff member.

We have lots of exciting things happening in our Toddler Rooms. We have seen a big improvement in many of the children’s self help skills (cleaning up, dressing themselves, potty training) over the course of this month. It has been so much fun to share in their excitement over their accomplishments. If your toddler is ready for toilet training, please talk to staff about this transition.

We had a very fun January doing many crafts and activities related to winter. This month, our focus will be on diversity, families, and how they are different from one another. Children in the Preschool Room will have a Valentine’s Day Party on Wednesday February 14. Parents are welcome to bring cards or treats for the children in the room.  Please ask staff for the list of children in the group for the Valentines cards.

Our outdoor time is very important, so we would like to ask you to bring warm clothes with your child every day as we spend long periods of time outside playing and exploring.

Jane Pevzner

January 2018

January 6th, 2018

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the new year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. December was action packed with preparation for Christmas. Our Christmas party on December 8 was well attended. It was so good to see that so many extended family members were able to attend. I hope everybody enjoyed our performances. All the kids loved Santa Claus who came to the party. All the staff would like to thank parents for nice Christmas gifts.

This year again in each room, staff is writing monthly observations about each child in the child’s individual book. If any of the parents would like to view their child’s observation book, please talk to staff.

Happy birthday to Brandon, Michael, Anders, Sadie, Jacob, Eliza, and Aubree this month.

For those of you that aren’t aware, we have an online parent committee. We discuss different issues that are related to our program. This month we will be reviewing our parent handbook, focusing on our policies and procedures. Any ideas and suggestions are welcome. We would like to invite everyone who is interested, to email: bpevzner@shaw.ca with Parent Committee as the subject line. If you don’t have a parent handbook handy, please ask Mrs. Jane.

Jane Pevzner

November 2017

November 9th, 2017

Dear Parents,

Happy 1st birthdays to Yadanna and Sebastian this month!

October was a busy month with all our Fall activities. We made autumn trees,turkeys for Thanksgiving, and the most fun experience was when we decorated our treat bags for Halloween and were excited to fill them up with candies. The Halloween parade was fun. We were happy to see all the different costumes, we carved a pumpkin together, made lots of Halloween crafts, and ate Halloween treats. Last month we took some nature walks to see what kind of treasures we could find outside. We also made some collages with leaves and pine cones.

This month, children will be learning about Remembrance Day, poppies, hibernation, and how different animals are getting ready for Winter.

Flu season is coming, so if your child has flu-like symptoms, (vomiting, fever, diarrhea, cough, etc.) please keep your child at home until they feel better. Don’t forget to notify the daycare if your child is not feeling well, and will be absent.

With the bad weather approaching and traffic getting worse, please give yourself extra time for the commute as the daycare closes at 6:00, and the teachers would like to go home on time.

Jane Pevzner

October 2017

October 1st, 2017

Dear Parents,

We would like to welcome Arizona, Oakley, and Hayden to our program this month.

Happy Birthday to Oakley, Max, Sorcha, Arielle and Kingston!

We had such a nice September, and October is feeling a lot different. Please remember to dress your children appropriately for the weather and label all your child’s clothing to avoid confusion.

It is the Fall season, so children are learning about leaves changing colors, collecting them, and making collages. The children will make greeting turkey cards, Thanksgiving plates, and learn new songs. They will brainstorm everything that they are thankful for and share it with the class.

Our Halloween Party will be on Tuesday October 31, so you can dress your child in a costume or bring one to the daycare for us to dress them up. We usually do our Halloween Costume Parade in each room,  and children 3 years and older will be having their parade around the block (if the weather will be nice). If you plan on bringing sweets for the children in the daycare, please make sure that they are peanut free and there is enough for the whole class.

The daycare will be closed on Thanksgiving (October 9).

With the flu season approaching, please keep your children home if they are not feeling well.

Jane Pevzner

September 2017

September 8th, 2017

Dear Parents,

Summer is over, and the fall season is fast approaching. Each room is getting back to their regular routine in September. Our regular room teachers are coming back from their vacations. At this time we would like to thank our substitute teachers, Sarita, Shital, and Olga, for their hard work and dedication as they will continue to help when needed.

Happy birthday this month to Jude, Drew, Spencer, Isabelle, and Victor.

I would like to welcome all the new families to our daycare. It is a great place for children to grow, make friends, and learn new skills. We are off to a great start and the children are adjusting wonderfully. We have lots of exciting things for them to learn this year.

Jane Pevzner