January 2021

January 3rd, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on our entire community. This ongoing situation has caused financial, emotional, and physical hardship on everyone around us. As a result, we at Bambi Child Care have decided to forgo our January 1st fee increase. Our fees will stay the same for the time being.

We would like to welcome Kieran to our program this month.

This year, our December was completely different. Our Christmas party didn’t have parents in attendance, but the children still learned Christmas songs and had a little concert for Santa. Santa visited each room and gave out presents to the children.

Thank you to all the parents who gave staff some lovely Christmas gifts.

Most of the children in Toddler 1 know how to put on their jackets and boots, so we will continue working on fine motor skills such as buttoning clothes, and zipping jackets. Please help by reinforcing this at home.

In Toddler Room 2 we talked about how holidays are celebrated around the world, such as Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Nawruz, Christmas, etc. and we will continue talking about other holidays, such as the Chinese New Year in February.

Preschool children will continue to work on the alphabet and numbers and lots of other fun projects.

It is now 2021, a brand new year! We look forward to the good times ahead.

Each room has plans for a lot of exciting new themes and learning experiences this month.

Jane Pevzner

November 2020

October 31st, 2020

Dear Parents,

The daycare will be closed on Remembrance Day, November 11.

Happy birthdays are going out to Aria, Lena, Sophia, and Sebastian this month.

Winter is coming, so please remember to send your child to daycare with mittens, hats, and boots, because children still like to play outside.

The Halloween parade was lots of fun. We were happy to see all the different costumes. Thank you to all the parents who brought Halloween treats for the children.

October was a busy month with all our Fall activities. We made autumn trees, turkeys for Thanksgiving, and the most fun experience was when we decorated our room for Halloween.

In November, we will be making Poppies for Remembrance Day and learning about why we wear them. Some of our crafts will be related to hibernation and we will discuss how different animals get ready for Winter.

Jane Pevzner

October 2020

October 2nd, 2020

Dear Parents:

October is already here, and the weather can change, so please send your child to the daycare dressed appropriately. Just a reminder: The daycare will be closed on Thanksgiving (October 12). Our Halloween Party will be on Friday October 30, so you can dress your child in a costume or bring one to the daycare for us to dress them up. We usually do our Halloween Costume Parade in each room,  and children 3 years and older will having their parade around the block (if the weather will be nice).

Baby Room

We would like to welcome our new friend Everett to the Baby Room. He will be turning 1 year old on October 10.

Holiday month has arrived, and we are planning to do many crafts and sensory activities about Thanksgiving and Halloween We are going to have our first Halloween Party on the 30th of this month.

Toddler Room

We would like to welcome back Harper this month. We will have lots of fun together.

The children will be making lots of Thanksgiving crafts. Our Halloween Party will be on Friday the 30th. Please bring your child’s costume in a bag, or let them wear it to daycare.

It looks like winter is soon to arrive. Please bring warm jackets, hats, scarves and gloves, so when we venture outside, we are all bundled up nicely. Also, please bring a couple of changes of clothes, in case they get wet when we are playing with the water table, or messy when we are finger painting.

Preschool Room

This will be a busy month filled with Spooky Halloween Crafts, and Thanksgiving Stories. During the first weeks of October, children will be learning about Thanksgiving and making their own Thanksgiving plate. Our Halloween Party will be on October 30, so if you don’t want your child to be dressed in the morning, you can bring the costume to the daycare, and the teacher will assist the child in putting on their costume. If you would like to bring some candies, please bring enough so we can share with everyone.

If there are any changes in your addresses, workplaces, phone numbers, etc, please inform the staff so we will have current information in your child’s file. 

Jane Pevzner

September 2020

August 30th, 2020

Dear Parents,

Hello and welcome, or welcome back, to Bambi Childcare! We are excited about starting this month with all of our new and returning families. We can’t wait to see the children and hear about all the exciting things they have done over the summer. We are also thrilled to be welcoming all of the families and children who are new to the program.

Happy birthday to Jude, Aviv, and Nishka this month.

Covid-19 has affected us all as we adapt to the new normal. We are taking extra precautions to ensure the entire daycare is clean and sanitized regularly, including toys, furniture, etc. Children are adapting to more frequent hand washing, and teachers are creating more individual based activities throughout the day to allow for more social distancing to ensure social distancing. Parents are not allowed inside the daycare, and must complete a questionnaire every morning for their child.

If your child is not well (fever, diarrhea, runny nose, cough, etc) please keep them home and get tested for Covid-19

The time that children spend at daycare is precious, and a very important time of their lives. We are honoured to get to spend some of that special time with them. We feel very strongly about creating a safe and caring environment for the children where they can learn through play and have the opportunity to grow both socially and emotionally. A little separation anxiety is not uncommon or unexpected for children starting, or returning to, daycare. To help your child handle their uncertainty and nervousness, we recommend keeping a positive attitude, giving a little reassurance, a brief goodbye at the morning drop off. Before long your child will likely settle right into his or her new routine.

Please don’t hesitate to call during the day if you want to check on how your child is doing.

Jane Pevzner

March 2020

March 1st, 2020

Dear Parents,

Happy Birthday to Jaden and Sutter!

We would like to welcome Angus, Leila, and Liv to our program.

Spring is slowly arriving which means some days are very wet. Children still like to go out and play so please bring extra clothes, snow pants and boots for your child.

Baby Room

In the month of February we learned about winter weather, colors, clothes, and body parts.  We also read books, sang songs, and made arts and crafts about winter.

All the children made Valentines gifts for their families, and made cards for each other.

The children love pets, so we discussed different pets, what sounds they make, what they eat, and where they live.  We also started talking about fruits and vegetables because we want to be healthy.

With the weather warming up, we will be going outside a lot more, so please dress your child weather-appropriate.

This month we will be talking about spring, weather in spring, spring clothes and St. Patrick’s Day.

Toddler Room 1 and 2

March is finally here, and the weather will hopefully start to get warmer.

St. Patricks Day is on Tuesday March 17th, and to celebrate this, we will talk about Ireland and we will make all sorts of crafts using the color green.

We will also talk about rain! We are going to sing and learn a new song called “Singing in the Rain”. Hopefully, there will be some puddles that the children can splash in. We will also sing other songs, such as : “Rain, rain go away” and “It’s raining, its pouring”.

If your child has a favorite book or song they love, please bring it in and we can share it with the whole class.

Preschool Room

March is national reading month, so we will read some new stories and we invite the children to bring their favorite books so they can share them with all our friends. We will be learning about different types of weather, such as wind, rain, thunder, and lightning. For Saint Patrick’s Day, we will be making some leprechauns, pots of gold, and rainbows.

Jane Pevzner