January 2023

January 15th, 2023

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the New Year! I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing holiday. Staff would like to thank the parents for the lovely Christmas gifts. We wish everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.

As you know, we have created new menus in accordance with the Canada Food Guide and suggestions from Public Health Dietitian. This month we will be introducing one week of our newly created menu. The Dietitian advised that it may take children 15 or more tries before they accept a new food. We won’t pressure children to eat certain amounts or types of food because it’s the children’s decision if, and how much to eat. You can find the new menu in the kitchen on the main floor, and on the Parent Information board in the Preschool Room.

We would like to welcome our new teacher Mrs. Shagee who moved from Saskatchewan. She will be helping out in Toddler Room 2.

Baby Room

We are excited to start a new year with new friends who have joined our room – Briar and Grace.

All of the children are enjoying singing songs and doing finger plays. We have been singing about animals (roaring like bears and tigers). Babies have also been doing arts with paint and lots of sensory activities.

Playing with bubbles has been our favorite. Watching the bubbles float around, and popping them with our fingers.

Mrs. Hilda, Mrs. Heba

Toddler Room 1 & 2

We would like to welcome Marcus who joined us from the Baby Room. He’s having a great time with his new friends.

Happy 2nd Birthdays to Bennett, Zachary, and Madeline this month.

Every day at circle time, our toddlers are learning new words, such as January, winter, snow, etc. We continue to do name recognition with shapes, numbers, and colours. Children always enjoy movement, music, and exercises.

This month we’ll be focusing on winter weather, winter animals, and what the do this season. Children will pretend to hibernate like a bear, walk like a penguin, and play in the snow like apolar bear. Our art project will consist of painting bears, constructing penguins, etc. We will be playing “we’re going on a bear hunt”, and reading the books “Hello World”, “Arctic Animals”, and “Fredrick Fox”

Mrs. Naouel, Mrs. Georgina, Mrs. Susan, Mrs. Izabela

Preschool Room

Happy New Year!

We would like to welcome Stella to our room.

Happy Birthday to Stella and Adrien.

Last month the children focused on multicultural holidays such as Hannukah, Kwanza, and Christmas. January’s theme will be all about winter sports and activities, such as hockey, figure skating, snow boarding, sledding, and skiing. Our crafts will feature hockey jerseys, skates, snow boards, etc. Children will be having fun and playing different winter sports outside on the playground.

In the “All About Me” theme, the children will be learning about themselves. Our first week will be an introduction to the topic “my family”. Children will create their self portraits and practice spelling their name. The children will be encouraged to talk about their families, cultures, and homes.

Our next installment of “All About Me” theme will be about our senses. We will discuss different sounds we hear, smells we can detect, sensations we feel when we touch things, sight, and taste. We will read My Amazing Body, All About Me, A Book of Thanks, Peppa Pig – Tooth Fairy. We will learn about how our senses work, and which body parts are associated with each sense.

We look forward to a great New Year ahead.

Mrs. Tanya, Mrs. Alina

December 2022

December 12th, 2022

Dear Parents,

The daycare will be closed from December 26, and will reopen January 3.

Happy Birthday to Paul, Elliott, Michael, and Sophia.

We have been working on a new menu, and starting January 2023 we will replace one week’s menu with our new menu. This will be a slow rollout over four months to allow children to adjust to the new items.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and we will see everyone in the new year!

Baby Room

Paul is turning 1 this month. He is crawling fast, and walking with a walker. He can wave his hand when we say goodbye.

Isabella is a sensitive girl but she has a favorite blanket to comfort her. She likes to play Peekaboo with scarves and claps her hands when we sing If You’re Happy and You Know It.

Levi is very active. He likes to play in the activity centre. He’s not walking yet but he’s trying to stand up and pull himself up holding onto furniture. He’s very friendly with the other babies.

Hadley is still using a pacifier. She’s a little bit cautious when she sees new faces or parents coming to pick up their children. She is a really fast walker and likes to rock on her rocking horse. She has a great appetite.

Frances is very clever. She points her finger when we call the other babies names. She likes to make crafts and has a very good memory. She knows which shoes belong to each child so she likes to help staff.

Riley is very gentle and friendly with other children. She likes to share toys. He is starting to say short words like More and Bye.

Marcus is a very busy boy. He likes to play with all the different toys around the room. He knows a little bit of sign language, so when he’s hungry he rubs his tummy. He loves to dance and sing.

Victoria is already walking, repeating sounds and actions, and trying to get the teachers attention.

Tulsi just joined our Baby Room this month. She is doing very well and adjusting to the daycare routine. She communicates with short words, like Milk, More, Thank You, Mom, Dad.

Mrs. Hilda, Mrs. Heba

Toddler 1 & 2

Christmas time is coming so we will be busy with Christmas themed activities. We will read books such as: The Night Before Christmas, Little Bear Meet Santa, and Sara and the Penguin.

Children like to dance with bells to the tune of Jingle Bells.

For arts and crafts, we’ll be making lots of Christmas ornaments, decorating Christmas trees and snowflakes. We’ll be discussing some Arctic animals and what they do in the Winter.

We will still be going outside and playing in the snow so don’t forget to bring your child’s winter gear. We will continue to work on potty training.

Mrs. Naouel, Mrs. Georgina, Mrs. Susan, Mrs. Izabela

Preschool Room

During December, we will be discussing Winter multicultural holidays, including Hannukah, Kwanza, Chinese New Year, and Christmas. We will be asking children about their own family traditions. We’ll be playing music from each of these holidays and reading stories to the children.

For our art project, we will be creating different crafts that feature these multicultural holidays. For Hannukah children will be making a dreidel which is a 4 sided spinning top. For Kwanza we will make a special cup which is used as a symbol of unity. For Chinese New Year children will paint a fire work display. For our creative project, we will be making sponge reindeer, gingerbread man, Christmas wreaths, snowman, beaded snowflakes, crystal stars, and designing our own winter hats.

We’re still working on our fine motor skills, such as painting, and holding pencils and scissors correctly. We have made some Christmas themed fine motor activities for the children to enjoy, such as clothes pin snowman, and pine cone Christmas trees. The children will use clothes pins to change the snowman’s emotion, as well as dress him up. The pine cone Christmas trees can be decorated over and over again using pom poms. The children will also have free play with magnet blocks. What fun! These activities work on their imagination, creativity, counting, and many other skills.

Mrs. Alina, Mrs. Tanya

November 2022

November 15th, 2022

Dear Parents,

Flu season is coming, so if your child has flu-like symptoms, (vomiting, fever, diarrhea, cough, etc.) please keep them at home until they feel better. Don’t forget to notify the daycare if your child is not feeling well, and will be absent.

We are still asking parents in each room, to  bring some photos of your children, family, friends, so we can display them in the rooms.

We have been working on a new menu, and starting January we will replace one week’s menu with our new menu. This will be a slow rollout over 4 months to allow children to adjust to the new items.

Jane Pevzner

Baby Room

We would like to welcome Hadley and Marcus to our room. They are adjusting really well, and getting to know their friends. We would also like to welcome Mrs. Heba as a new teacher in the Baby Room. She’s enjoying teaching the children new songs and watching them grow.

We are happy to see Mataara and Hazel having fun in the Toddler Room.

This month we will continue to work on coloring and painting with our children as their first sensory activity.

Mrs. Heba and Mrs. Hilda

Toddler Room 1

Happy Birthday to Liam this month.

The Halloween parade was fun. We were happy to see all the different costumes, we carved a pumpkin together, made lots of Halloween crafts, and ate Halloween treats.

The weather is still nice, and we are spending a lot of time outside. We would like to welcome Hazel and Mataara to our room, they are having lots of fun playing with their new friends.

In November, we will be making Poppies for Remembrance Day, and talking about animals getting ready for Winter.

Mrs. Naoul and Mrs. Susan

Toddler Room 2

Happy birthday wishes go to Roman this month.

The month of October was very fun and enjoyable. Children were very happy to celebrate Halloween. They learned new songs and finger plays. On Monday October 31, we had our Halloween party. Children and staff dressed up in nice costumes. The most fun experience was when we decorated our treat bags for Halloween and were excited to fill them up with candy.

In November we are going to talk about our community and people and their importance in our lives. We are also going to talk about Remembrance Day, poppies, hibernation, and how different animals are getting ready for Winter.

Mrs. Izabela and Mrs. Gina

Preschool Room

Happy Birthday to Jacky this month.

We would like to welcome Mohammed to our room. He is adapting very well.

1, 2, 3, blast off! This month we’ll be exploring the night sky and space travel. There are so many topics with this theme: the aurora borealis, constellations, planets, rockets, astronauts, telescope, stars, the moon, and the sun. Our art projects will feature paper mache planets, rockets, constellation tubes, and a representation of our solar system. We will work on bubble planet prints, start stamping, and making nebula with pastels. The children will make their own constellation using their names. We will be making star borax crystals, and balloon rockets. We will have some science demonstrations including the Magic Milk experiment (to represent the aurora borealis). The children will use constellation tubes as we learn the names of the different star formations. The Solar System matching game will be introduced to help the children learn the names of the planets in a fun way. The children will practice making constellations with pipe cleaners and beads. Some books we will share with children include: Astronauts by Hannah Wilson, Rockets by Anne Drosd, Stars by Joanne Gollat, Planets by Rebecca Baines. We will also be sharing some poems with children about space and the sky.

Mrs. Tanya and Mrs. Alina

October 2022

October 11th, 2022

Dear Parents:

October is already here, and the weather can change, so please send your child to the daycare dressed appropriately. Just a reminder: The daycare will be closed on Thanksgiving (October 11). Our Halloween Party will be on Monday October 31, so you can dress your child in a costume.

Baby Room

We would like to welcome our new friend Levi to the Baby Room who will be celebrating his first birthday on October 13. Farewell to Brody and Mataara who are transitioning to Toddler Room 1.

All the children are enjoying to eat on their own, without Mrs. Hilda and Mrs. Izabela’s help. This can be very messy, but it is a learning experience for them. We learned quite a few songs, but our favourite is “If You’re Happy And You Know It”.

Toddler Room 1

We would like to welcome Arlo to our room. Arlo is adjusting really well. The weather is getting colder, but we are still enjoying our time outdoors. Please dress your child in appropriate clothing. In October, we’ll be learning about Thanksgiving and Halloween. We will be making turkey crafts, pumpkin decorations, and doing spooky Halloween activites. If you would like your child to be dressed for the Halloween Party, you can bring their costumes to the daycare.

Note: Sometimes we get children’s belongings mixed up, so parents please label all your children’s items that you bring to the daycare (clothes, jackets, Sippy-Cups, etc.)

Toddler Room 2

We would like to welcome Dylan, Leo, and Emily who moved from Toddler Room 1. It’s a very smooth transition for them as they’re very familiar with the routine. Happy Birthday to Lucas, and Grayson this month. In October we will be busy learning about weather changes. We will be collecting some leaves, and making a class collage. We will be reading stories about Thanksgiving Holidays, and learning new songs. Our Halloween Party will be October 31. Children can dress up for it. It is very important to remember to sign your children in and out every day, so please don’t forget to do so. If your child is in the process of potty training, please send enough pull-ups and underwear to the daycare. Communication is very important, so if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to talk to us.

Preschool Room

We would like to say Happy Birthday to Sean, Thomas, and Gage. This month children will continue to work their way through the alphabet. They enjoyed our counting lessons and learning the alphabet. We continue to share books about letters and numbers, getting the children to participate in counting, and saying letter sounds, along with hand signals. Children love to use their imagination and creating letter animals during craft time.

Turkey anyone? For this theme we will create turkeys and draw pictures of things that we are grateful for. We will be discussing thankfulness during circle time. During this month we will read: Thanksgiving Turkeys by Merrick, Duck for Turkey Day by Fronis. Children will also be learning songs such as Turkey Lurkey, Gobble Gobble Turkey Wobble, and our favorite action song for this month We’re Going On a Bear Hunt.

Children are very excited that our room is decorated with spooky characters and decorations and are looking forward to Halloween. During discussion time, children will be learning songs like Six Little Ghosts, Monsters Mash, and What I’m Going to Be For Halloween. Our craft time will be busy with witches, ghosts, and Jack-o-Lanterns. As a class project we’ll carve a pumpkin together.

Our Halloween Party and Parade will be on Monday October 31. During this time we’ll visit every room to show off our costume to the rest of the daycare.