February 2020

February 2nd, 2020

Dear Parents,

Our daycare will be closed Monday February 17 for Family Day and we will re-open on Tuesday.

We still would love to take the children outside, but they need to have appropriate clothes. Can parents please bring appropriate clothes for playing outside.

Happy Birthday Benjamin, Karter, Gweneth, Alexie and Iyla this month.

Baby Room

In January we learned about winter from every aspect (snow, colors, winter clothes). Children made a lot of crafts with different materials (glue, paint fabric) and observed how snow turned to ice and water.

The childrens’ favorite song that we sung every morning was “Hello…It’s nice to see you here.” They learned friends names from this song.

We would like to welcome Aviv, who is 1 year old.

In February we will be celebrating family day, so please bring some pictures of children and the family

Toddler Room 1/2

In February we will be talking about family and Valentines Day. For our crafts, we will be using lots of red and pink colors.

We still like to go outside every day, so please dress your child appropriately. We will be continuing our projects about me and my family, so please send 4 or 5 pictures of your child.

This month we’ll be doing lots of valentines crafts. Please make sure each child has a spare set of clothes in case of an accident or messy art+craft projects.

Preschool Room

This month we are making Valentines cards. Our Valentines party will be on Friday, February 14. If you would like to send some Valentines treats and cards to the daycare, you are welcome. Please ask the teachers for the list of children in the group for the Valentines cards. With family days coming, we will be talking a lot about our families and how they are different from one another.

Jane Pevzner

January 2020

January 3rd, 2020

Dear Parents:

December was action packed with preparation for Christmas. Our Christmas party, on December 10, was well attended. It was so good to see that so many extended family members were able to attend. I hope everybody enjoyed our performances. All the children loved Santa Claus who came to the party and the clown. All the staff would like to thank parents for their nice Christmas gifts.

This year again, in each room, staff will be writing monthly observations about each child in the child’s individual book. If any of the parents would like to view their child’s observation book, please talk to staff.

Baby Room

Happy New Year to everyone! It was very nice to see all our babies and their families at the Christmas Party on December 10. Welcome Isaac to our room. He is adjusting well to our room routine. As a reminder, please send extra clothes for your children as we get dirty when we eat,  and doing some craft activities.

Most babies in this room are around 19 months old so we call it the younger Toddler Room. Mrs. Hilda is planning age appropriate activities for them.

Toddler Room 1 & 2

Happy New Year, and all the best for 2020. A big happy birthday goes out to Anders this month. We have been learning about Winter, Winter weather and animals. In January, we are planning to learn about parts of our body, learn new songs, games, and making lots of arts and crafts activities. Hopefully the weather will improve and we can make a snowman and discuss his different body parts. This month, we’ll be focusing on language development by reading stories and asking children different question. We will start working on letters of the alphabet and trying to teach children to recognize them. We will also be learning to count up to 10.

Preschool Room

We hope everybody had a nice Christmas holiday. This month we’ll be talking about snow. We will continue talking about the letters of the alphabet, and counting up to 20. The weather will be very cold this moth and we will be spending many days playing inside, so instead of water in the water table, we will bring snow from outside so children can put their gloves on and play with the snow. We will also have a few experiments where we put a glass of water in the freezer, and it will turn into ice. When the weather gets warmer, we would like to go outside, so please send all of your child’s outdoor gear so they can enjoy the fresh air.

Jane Pevzner

December 2019

December 5th, 2019

Dear Parents,

Please note our holiday hours:
Wednesday December 25 to Friday December 27 – Daycare Closed
Wednesday January 1 – Daycare Closed

Happy Birthday to Patrick, Ruby, Amelie and Borden.

We would like to welcome Ms. Krystel who is helping in all the rooms and getting to know all your children.

This month the children and teachers are very busy preparing for our Annual Christmas Party that will be held on Tuesday December 10 @ 4:30pm in the Preschool Room. Children are very excited to show off their arts and crafts, as well as songs and dances that they learned. Please don’t forget to bring your child a wrapped present for Santa to give them. We hope to see you all there.

With the winter and flu season approaching, please keep your child home if they are not feeling well. If the child has fever, vomiting, diarrhea, allow 24 hours before returning to the daycare.

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Jane Pevzner

November 2019

November 1st, 2019

Dear Parents,

The Daycare will be closed on November 11th for Remembrance Day.

We would like to welcome Davi to our Preschool Room.

Happy Birthday to Lena, Aria, Sebastian, and William this month.

Winter is coming, so please remember to send your child to daycare with mittens, hats, boots, because children still like to play outside.

With the bad weather approaching and traffic getting worse, please give yourself extra time for the commute as the daycare closes at 6:00, and the teachers have to go home to their families.

The Halloween parade was fun. We were happy to see all the different costumes. In November, we will be making Poppies for Remembrance Day, and talking about animals getting ready for Winter. We said goodbye to our teacher Mrs. Smita who recently moved. We will all miss her. Mrs. Joanne will be working with Mrs. Naouel in Toddler Room 1. October was a busy month with all our Fall activities. We made autumn trees and turkeys for Thanksgiving and pumpkins and ghosts for Halloween.

This month, children will be learning about Remembrance Day, poppies, hibernation, and how different animals are getting ready for Winter.

Jane Pevzner

October 2019

October 6th, 2019

Dear Parents:

October is already here, and the weather can change, so please send your child to the daycare dressed appropriately. Just a reminder: The daycare will be closed on Thanksgiving (October 14). Our Halloween Party will be on Thursday October 31, so you can dress your child in a costume or bring one to the daycare for us to dress them up. We usually do our Halloween Costume Parade in each room,  and children 3 years and older will having their parade around the block (weather permitting).

If there are any changes in your addresses, workplaces, phone numbers, etc, please inform the staff so we will have current information in your child’s file. 

With the flu season approaching, please keep your children home if they are not feeling well.

Baby Room

We would like to welcome our new friend Ava to the Baby Room. Farewell to Karter and Benjamin who are moving to Toddler Room 1.

Holiday month has arrived, and we are planning to do many crafts and sensory activities about Thanksgiving and Halloween We are going to have our first Halloween Party on the 31st of this month.

If you any bibs that your child does not  use anymore, we would be happy to accept them.

Toddler Room 1/2

We would like to welcome our new friend Patrick.

Happy 2nd Birthday to Gracie this month.

We hope you all will enjoy Thanksgiving. We will be making lots of Thanksgiving crafts. Our Halloween Party will be on Thursday the 31st. Please bring your child’s costume in a bag, or let them wear it to daycare.

It looks like winter will be slowly arriving Please bring snow boots, snow pants, warm jackets, hats, scarves and gloves, so when we venture outside, we are all bundled up nicely. Also, please bring a couple of changes of clothes, in case they get wet when we are playing with the water table, or messy when we are finger painting.

Preschool Room

We would like to welcome our new friend James.

We would like to say Happy Birthdays to Sorcha and Kingston this month. This will be a busy month filled with Spooky Halloween Crafts, and Thanksgiving Stories. During the first weeks of October, children will be learning about Thanksgiving and making their own Thanksgiving plate. Our Halloween Party will be on October 31, so if you don’t want your child to be dressed in the morning, you can bring the costume to the daycare, and the teacher will assist the child in putting on their costume. If you would like to bring some candies, please bring enough so we can share with everyone.

Jane Pevzner