March 2024

Happy Birthdays this month to Lillian, Teagan, Ellari, Nate, Angus, and Atlas.

Baby Room

Welcome to March! We are so excited to be getting closer and closer to spring and warmer weather!

For the first week of March we will be teaching the children about transportation! During circle time we will be singing the silly song “The wheels on the bus”. This is a favourite for all the children with all the
silly actions! For story time we will be reading the book called “The Little Blue Truck.” For our craft activity this week we will be having the children use square pieces of paper to make their own name train!

For the second week of March we will be celebrating St. Patrick’s day with the children. For our circle time song we will be singing the song “The Little Leprechaun”. For our book during circle time we will be reading “The Itsy Bitsy Leprechaun.” For crafts this week we will have the children making handprint Leprechauns. The children love getting messy with the paints! Don’t forget to have your child wear something green on Friday March 16th to celebrate!

For the third week of March we will be welcoming spring! The first day of spring is March 19th ! We are so excited. For circle time we will be singing the song called “Mr. Sun”. This is a very fun song for all our friends to sing. For our book during circle time we will be reading the story “10 Little Rubber Ducks.” For crafts this week we will have the children use their feet to make footprint robins! They should have so much fun!!

For our last week of March we will be celebrating Easter. For our circle time song we will be singing a huge favourite of all the children in the centre called “Hop Little Bunnies”. This is a very fun action song for the children! For story time we will be reading the book called “If You’re Hoppy”. For our craft with the children this week we will be making hand print bunnies! We know they will have so much fun playing with the paint!

Mrs. Hilda, Mrs. Aman

Toddler Room 1

This month we will be talking about shapes, springtime, flowers, and St. Patrick’s Day! At the beginning of the month, we will talk about shapes and learn the basic shapes. We will practice with flashcards; the children will identify the shapes that they see. On one day we will discuss circles and squares, then we will talk about triangles and rectangles, and later on we will talk about ovals and stars! We will read stories about
shapes; for art, we will make shape pets. The children will take shapes and glue legs and eyes on them and decorate them however they would like.    

Later in the month, we will talk about St. Patrick’s Day. We will talk about St Patrick’s day, leprechauns, and rainbows. We will read a story about the leprechaun, and the story about how the leprechaun lost his rainbow! For art, we will make a tissue paper shamrock. We will provide the children with green tissue paper, for them to glue and make a leaf.

Further along in the month, we will discuss springtime! We will talk about how the weather changes from winter to spring, and some of the changes you might see. We will discuss how the snow melts, and we see the animals coming back, and the plants growing. We will talk about the birds returning and singing in the morning. We will sing the song, “Little bird, quiet,
don’t say a word” during circle time. For art, we will explore spring colours with paint.

Near the end of the month, we will talk about flowers! We will talk about the different coloured flowers we can see during spring and how it is an excellent time to go and explore the flowers. During circle time, we will talk about the different parts of a flower and play with flashcards. For art, we will make a toilet roll flower stamp. The children can pick the colour they want their flowers to be and they will make a stamp. 

Mrs. Naouel, Mrs. Georgina

Toddler Room 2

Hello families and welcome to March! We are one step closer to spring! March 19th is the first day of spring! All our friends are ready for the warm spring and summer months to go outside and play with no more snow pants!

This month we have many exciting activities planned for all our friends. We will start the month off with working on our Letter “S” art activities! The children have worked so hard throughout the year studying all the letters of the alphabet.

We will then move on to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! We have so many green themed activities for all our friends to try out! Including a green sensory table! We can’t wait to see how much fun they have. Don’t forget to wear green in celebration on Friday March 16th!

We will spend the last couple weeks of March celebrating Easter with all our friends. We have so many bunny themed arts and crafts waiting to be made! The children will use eggs to create all sorts of art projects to take home for their families. We are so excited to implement all these activities over the month of March. We know all our friends will have so much fun!

Mrs. Kayleigh, Mrs. Monisha

Preschool Room

Happy March to all our Bambi Families!

The children continue to practice their letter sounds every morning during circle time. They are learning the difference between vowels and consonants and picking it up quickly! We continue to sing the “Days of the Week” and the “Months of the Year” songs. This month we will add a learning game called “Boom, Clap, Snatch!” where the children listen for beginning, end, or middle sounds and snatch the correct sound cards before their partner. We have also been playing “The Rainbow Freeze Game,” which the children have loved. We play music and dance, and when the music stops, the children hop, crawl, etc. towards a specific colour on the floor. We are practicing number recognition, adding, and subtracting during circle time. The children are practicing counting up to thirty!

Who is excited for Dr. Seuss? As the beloved author’s birthday is in March, we will be basing our activities on his books. We will be making green eggs and ham with handprints, sock puppets, and painting fishWe will read Green Eggs and Ham; Horton Hears a Who; Fox in Socks; and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Thank you to everyone who emptied their sock drawers for our sock puppet craft. The children have enjoyed the entertainment from our class puppets and they will be delighted to make puppets to play with. We will be making use of some class puppets in the dramatic play area as well.

Next comes Pie Week! Our stories will include The Apple Pie that Papa Baked, A Pie for Us!,  Skylar Makes a Pie, Sammy and the Pecan Pie, and How to Bake an Apple Pie. We will learn the songs “I Like to Eat Apples and Bananas,” and “The Fruit Friends Song.” Pie provides a fantastic opportunity for sensory activities, such as drawing in coloured shaving cream. We will also make pies out of craft paper. The crowning glory of our week will be baking mini chocolate pies! We will use mini tart shells, chocolate pudding, and whipped cream!

St. Patrick’s week will turn the classroom green! The children will make rainbows, leprechauns, and shamrocks in our art time. We will conduct a science experiment, turning paper towels into rainbows. A special leprechaun will pop in at circle time to read us our stories. We will read How to Catch a Leprechaun, The Leprechaun and the Gingerbread Man Loose at School, and The Leprechaun in the Basement.

Easter activities will commence right after St. Patrick’s week. The children will fill their time with decorating Easter bags to look like bunnies, making chicks, and decorating eggs. We will conduct an egg-and-spoon race, which should be a grand old time. We will read Who Hid the Easter Eggs?; The Easter Egg; and No Rest for the Easter Beagle. Our Easter sensory bin will contain an upper and lowercase matching activity using plastic eggs.

Mrs. Yana, Mrs. Tanya, Mrs. Tatyana

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