September 2023

Dear Parents:

We are so happy to celebrate Bambi’s 50 year anniversary this month!

We welcome you and your child to Bambi Childcare. Each room has its own schedule, and staff will make changes to schedules on a daily basis to meet the needs of your children.

The staff encourage learning based on actual experience and participation. Children learn social and intellectual skills, and are allowed personal choices. Good self-help skills allow them to develop independence and self-esteem.

Baby Room

We would like to welcome Miley, Ivy, Luke to our room this month.

During the month of September, we’ll be teaching children about soccer, and soccer balls. Children will be making soccer balls using paper plates and pentagon shapes.

During the second week of September, children will be talking about apples. For our crafts we will make hand print apple trees. Children love the sensory aspect of using their hands to paint. We’ll be singing the silly song Apples Apples.

During the last 2 weeks of the month, we’ll start discussing Fall, and Fall colours. This is a new season for the children to experience and learn about and it’s a great time to start teaching children about different colours they see around themselves every day. Hand painting is one of the children’s favourite activities, so they’ll be making maple leaf hand prints.

During story time, we’ll be reading the book Baby Loves Fall, singing songs The Leaves Are Falling Down, and spend lots of time outside where we encourage children to ride bikes, cars, and climb the different climbers. We are very excited to introduces these fun activities to our new and current friends in the classroom.

Mrs. Hilda, Mrs. Ina

Toddler Room 1

Happy Birthday to Frankie, Hadley, and Etta.

Autumn is the season of pumpkins, apples, harvests. This month we’ll explore Autumn in all of it’s loveliness. We will show the children fall colours and talk about how the weather changes. We will play I Spy and ask the children to recognize orange, yellow, red, and brown colours around the room. We will play Ring Around the Rosie with a parachute. During circle time we’ll be singing songs about colours and animals. We will read the books The Oak Inside The Acorn, The seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree, When Autumn Comes, etc. We will also learn about different animals gathering food in the fall so that they are able to survive in the winter. We will teach children about weather appropriate clothing for cooler weather, and play a game with the children where they sort out summer clothes from autumn clothes. Our arts and crafts will consist of Fall colours and leaves. During outdoor time, we’ll hunt around the playground for fallen leaves, pine cones, and branches to make a beautiful Fall collage, and we will also gather some leaves to make crayon rubbiKngs.

Mrs. Naouel, Mrs. Georgina

Toddler Room 2

Happy Birthday to Kiera and Dylan this month.

Hello families! We hope everyone had an amazing summer. We had so much fun learning about nature, and ocean/zoo animals. With the school season starting, we will be learning all about the alphabet. Each week we will learn a new letter with different pictures starting with that letter. We will teach children how each letter looks and sounds.

The first week we will learn about the letter A, and talk about apples, airplanes, alligators, and ants. Each day the children will create art that is based on that letter.

The second week will be for letter B. We’ll learn about bees, boats, bubbles, butterflies and bats.

The third week will be for letter C. We will learn about cats, caterpillars, clouds, cars, and circles.

The last week we will study the letter D. This will be about donuts, dogs, ducks, dinosaurs, and the diamond shape.

We will also be reading alphabet books to reinforce our lessons. We are very excited to start this new curriculum with the children and expand their knowledge of the world around them.

Mrs. Kayleigh

Preschool Room

We would like to welcome Ahmed, Lincoln, Miia, Tehillah, and Tatyana to our room.

Welcome Autumn! There is so much to look forward to. In the spirit of the start of the school year, the children’s activities for this month will revolve around: learning classroom rules, letters, numbers, shapes, colours, etc.

We would like to welcome all our 3 year olds who joined our classroom this month. The children are so interested in writing letters and numbers. They are always asking how to write them so we are delighted to go where their interests lead us. During this month, we will practice counting, and learn some counting songs. We will use our chalk board during circle time and have short writing lessons. The children will practice writing with different materials, including their fingers, chalk, magic erase boards, markers, and pencil crayons during the day. We will use letter and number mats where the children can build letters and numbers using small wooden blocks, bottle caps, and play dough. The children will be challenged to write as many letters and numbers as they can.

Arts and crafts will consist of making pictures with letters in mind. For example, they will decorate the letter B using bubbles, and create art with using butterfly pasta. We will make paper prints of apples hanging from an apple tree, paper plate donuts for the letter D, and Elmo for the letter E.

Our pretzel baking letter activity will be very fun – the children can mix butter for their pretzels, create their own pretzel letter, we will sprinkle them with sugar and cinnamon, then bake it in the oven and enjoy. YUMMY!

Mrs. Tanya, Mrs. Izabela

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