June 2023

Dear Parents,

The summer is here and we need to know if your child will be away during July and August. Please notify the room staff.

This month, a librarian from Southwood Library will be joining us once a week in the Preschool Room and introducing children to new books, stories, and songs.

Baby Room

We are very excited to share with you what the babies will be doing this month. The children will be taken on an adventure through the ocean as we learn all about ocean animals and other creatures they can find under water. We will be reading the book Babies in The Ocean and singing our favorite song Baby Shark. Children love doing the actions to all different shark family members. The children will have lots of fun playing with ocean animals in the water table. We will be creating a fun craft using their hand and foot prints. Most of the children love the sensory learning they get from using their body to help create art.

For Father’s Day, the children will be making something special. During circle time we’ll be teaching the children some new songs such as Good Morning Daddy, and Daddy Loves Me.

Mrs. Hilda and Mrs. Trixian

Toddler Room 1

Happy Birthday to Arlo this month.

We will be talking about watermelon – the shape, the colours, and whether it’s a fruit or vegetable. We will read One Watermelon Seed to the children to show how watermelons are planted and how they grow. We will sing Watermelon Tastes So Good, and even taste watermelon for snack time. For our crafts, we will create a watermelon art painting.

With summer in full swing, picnics are a great way to get outdoors and enjoy these long days. There are so many picnic activities to get excited about! We’ll be singing The Ants Go Marching, and looking for the ants on our playground. We will read The Bears Picnic, and set up a tent outside so the children can pretend they’re going camping. How exciting! For our art project, we will paint with marshmallows, and make campfire crafts.

We’ll make a special Fathers Day card, and learn the song I Love You. We will also be reading stories about our dads such as My Daddy and Me, and Dad Jokes Best.

Mrs. Naouel, and Mrs. Georgina

Toddler Room 2

Happy Birthday to Leo this month!

We would like to welcome Sofia, Erik, and Teagan who are graduating from Toddler Room 1. We are very excited to have them join us in fun-filled learning.

Our room had an exceptional month of activities last month – we made beautiful cards for our lovely mothers, and learned about different insects. We finished off the month with 2 weeks learning about farm animals. It was a great time practicing to identify different animals that live on a farm, and the sounds they make.

During circle time the children are having so much fun singing the Donut Shop song. The Donut Shop song has felt donuts and each child has the opportunity to pick their favorite coloured donut and place it on the felt board.

Children love to learn about dinosaurs. Their favorite book is How Dinosaurs Go To School. They love reading about all the different types of dinosaurs and practicing how to say their names.

This month we are learning about different sports that children will have the opportunity to play outdoors in the Summer. The children are very excited to celebrate Fathers Day. We’ll be making presents and cards for our fathers.

Mrs. Ina, Mrs. Kayleigh

Preschool Room

Happy Birthday to Helena and Naeto!

We are loving the warm weather we’ve been having. Every morning we started practicing our Cosmic Kids Yoga. This gives children some nice relaxation and stretching.

This month our themes are Pond Life, Vegetable Garden, Fathers Day, and Camping.

We are so excited to explore Pond Life. The children are learning about insects and animals that live in or near ponds. Our craft will feature ducks, dragon fly’s, turtles, and frogs. During circle time we will read Nature Children books about pond animals. We will sing the songs Five Little Ducks, and Five Little Speckled Frogs.

Garden Time! Children will be learning about different vegetable seeds. They will sort them by size and type, count them, and watch them grow into plants. We will be making a produce collage of all our favorite fruits and veggies. During circle time we will be reading the story Growing Vegetable Soup, and we will sort the different fruits and vegetables in our housekeeping area.

Happy Fathers Day this month. The children are so excited to celebrate their fathers, or father figures in their life. We will make a special Fathers Day craft and “working” with tools like some dads do, and “fishing” in our water table.

Camping Time. We will introduce children to camping activities like fishing, going on hikes, and sleeping in a tent. We will assemble a tent in our Dramatic Area, and will be using flashlights beside our “camp fire”. We’ll be learning the song We’re Going On A Bear Hunt and making crafts using popsicle sticks and tinfoil.

Mrs. Tanya, Mrs. Izabela, Mrs. Olga

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