April 2023

Dear Parents,

We are finally enjoying some warmer weather. “April showers bring May flowers”. We have spent so much time indoors and are very excited to spend more time outside. Our children strengthen growing muscles when they are climbing, running, jumping, and playing outside.

Happy Birthday’s to Sofia, Brody and Mataara who all turn 2 this month.

Baby Room

Happy Spring! In April we will talk about Easter, insects, and butterflies. Our favorite song this month is Itsy Bitsy Spider. The Children love to sing, dance, and do the actions to this song.

Riley is really ready to transition to Toddler Room 1. He loves to sit at the table and use utensils during meals. He enjoys looking at books, pointing at the pages, and making animal sounds.

Frankie is a very good “helper” during clean up time. She likes to play with dolls, cars, and balls. She knows how to share and take turns with toys, and is always excited for outdoor play.

Hadley continues to be active, and is always on the move. She likes to push cars and run around with her friends. She loves sensory experiences and arts + crafts.

Etta is very sweet and joyful. Her communication skills are improving rapidly. She is copying lots of words she hears, and also loves music.

Levi is very friendly. He will give hugs to everyone. He loves to spend time looking at books, and climbing up and going down the baby slide outside.

Isabella is a happy girl. She has grown a lot in multiple ways. She is napping and eating well. She is very interested in musical instruments.

Briar likes story time. She will pull the teacher to sit down during circle to read her a book. She can say lots of words, and can say all her friends names.

Paul is active and very independent. He likes to eat without any help, and learned how to hold a spoon. He has fun making towers with blocks and knocking them down.

Harper is always happy and waving hi to everyone. She has a good appetite and sleeps well. She likes to play beekaboo with scarves, and finger painting.

Mrs. Hilda, Mrs. Heba

Toddler 1 & 2

Our themes for the month are Easter, insects, and Spring.

We will spend more time outside as the weather gets warmer. The children are looking forward to the grass and trees coming back to life. We are very excited to celebrate Easter. We will be making chicks, ducks, and bunnies during our craft time. We are looking forward to our visit from the Easter Bunny who will bring some treats for the kids. We will also be making bunny ear crafts. Our favorite songs for this week are Five Little Ducks, and When The Ducks Get Up In The Morning.

After Easter, we will be talking about Spring. We will discuss Spring weather, clouds and rain, and how we should dress for this season. The children will be making umbrellas, constructing clouds using cotton balls, and painting rain boots. We will be learning the song Our Eyes Can See It’s Springtime.

This month we’ll be talking about bees and caterpillars. The children have mastered the action song I’m Bringing Home My Baby Bumblebee. They will be painting beehives out of egg cartons, and making bees using paper towel rolls, pipe cleaners, and yarn. We will be talking about how good bumblebees are for the world, and how they pollenate flowers. It will be fun observing them outdoors. We will read some books about how hardworking bumblebees are and how they all live together in a beehive. When learning about caterpillars, we will read the book called The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We will be reading this story using flannel board with props.

Mrs. Naouel, Mrs. Georgina, Mrs. Ina, Mrs. Gina

Preschool Room

Welcome Spring!

We are excited for the snow to melt away and for the days to be longer and warmer. This month our themes are Easter, rain and rainbows, worms and mud, and baby animals.

During circle time, we will discuss how each of our families celebrate Easter, and why we celebrate it. We will do some fun musical activities and bunny songs. Our art will be inspired by Easter eggs, bunnies, and chicks.

Spring is a perfect time to listen to rainfall and to jump in puddles. This week we will be talking about the water cycle, clouds, and rainbows. One of the books we are excited to read is How The Crayons Saved the Rainbow, and Spectacular Spring. Our art will feature rain, clouds, and rainbows.

Worms and Mud
What a messy subject! We will be discussing how worms break down organic matter and turn it into soil. Our art will feature worms and mud. We will also play and paint with mud. The books we will be reading are Wiggling Worms At Work, and Wonderful Worms.

Baby Animals
So cute! We will discuss how spring is the time of the year when baby animals are born. During crafts, we will make lambs, ducklings, kittens, and puppies.

Mrs. Tanya, Mrs. Izabela, Mrs. Olga

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