February 2023

Dear Parents:

We would like to welcome a new teacher to our program, Mrs. Ina who will be working in Toddler Room 2.

Our daycare will be closed on Monday February 20 for Family Day.

We still like to go outside every day, so please dress your child appropriately. We will be continuing our “me and my family” projects in all the rooms, so please send 4 or 5 pictures of your child if you haven’t done this yet.

Our Preschool Room Valentines party will be on Tuesday, February 14. If you would like to send some Valentines treats and cards to the daycare, you are welcome to. Please ask your room teacher for the list of children in the group for the Valentines cards.

Jane Pevzner

Baby Room

We would like to welcome Etta this month.

All About Love is our theme in February. The babies will make fun Valentines day crafts, such as making hearts with their hands, sponge painting, and finger painting. We will be learning an action song called I love you, You love me, We’re a happy family.

We are happy to see the development of our babies.

Tulsi will be graduating to Toddler Room 1 next month.

Riley likes to help teachers a lot. After nap time, he goes and puts everyone’s blankets in their cubbies.

Francis knows the action song Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, and points to the correct body parts.

Hadley is very friendly and likes to greet all the parents when they come to the door and waves hi and bye.

Levi is very interested in books, especially the ones about animals and cars.

Isabella started to walk and she seems much happier being able to move around freely.

Briar who just started last month is adjusting very well to our daily routine. She’s trying to hold her spoon and eat by herself. Her favorite activity is stacking blocks.

Paul is learning to share toys. When he gives a toy to his friend, he runs to the teacher and gives her a high five.

Etta is a very sweet girl who likes to sit and observe the other children playing. She’s still a little bit shy.

Mrs. Hilda, Mrs. Heba

Toddler Room 1 & 2

We would like to welcome Bella to our room!

This month we’ll be celebrating the love that comes with friendship. We are learning new words like February, Valentine, Heart, Family, etc. We also continue to learn about numbers, shapes, and colours. During circle time, children will be talking about Valentine’s Day and Family Day, what happens on these days, and how we express our appreciation to our friends and loved ones. We will be reading The Great Valentine’s Mystery, and learning the poem Roses are Red, Violets are Blue.

Mrs. Naouel, Mrs. Georgina, Mrs. Susan, Mrs. Ina

Preschool Room

Happy Birthday to Mateo and Muhamad this month.

Love is in the air as we prepare to celebrate all our special relationships in February. These include siblings, friends, parents, and extended family. We will discuss who is in our family, and how each family can be different. During our friendship week, we will discuss how to be kind and how to be a good friend. We will make a friendship poster using our hands and a heart flower garden. We will be playing friendship games such as the Matching Game, and That’s Me.

Our Valentine’s Day weeks will feature heart themed activities, and art of all kinds. Some books we will read include, The Day it Rained Hearts, Heart in the Bottle, and Heart String. We will learn about the heart symbol and talk about loving ourselves and others. We will also be making friendship bracelets, heart crowns, and a rainbow group project.

Mrs. Tanya, Mrs. Alina, Mrs. Izabela, Mrs. Gina

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