October 2018

Dear Parents,

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! The daycare will be closed on Monday October 8th.
It’s getting very chilly outside, so please ensure you dress your child for the weather.
Our Halloween Party will be on Wednesday October 31st. Feel free to dress your children up for the occasion. If you would like to bring treats for your child’s room, you are welcome to do so (peanut free)

Yours Truly,

Jane Pevzner


We would like to welcome Gracie, and Lee to our room this month. Our friends: Heidi, Harper, Lukas and Quinn are doing great.
Happy 1st birthday to Gracie!
This month we continue to learn about Fall. When we play outside (weather permitting), children can see that the leaves are falling everywhere. We will be doing a turkey craft for Thanksgiving, and singing lots of Halloween songs. We love to dance and play.

Mrs. Hilda


Last month lots of new children joined our room. Everyone is doing really well. They enjoy story time, and all room activities.

Isabelle and Carter just graduated from the baby room and are having fun with their new friends.

In October, we will be doing lots of arts and crafts that are related to Thanksgiving and Halloween. We will be learning some new songs about pumpkins and turkeys. We will also be talking about families. Just a reminder for parents that still didn’t bring family photos for our wall display, please do so.

Our Halloween Party will be on Wednesday October 31st. If you would like, you can  dress up your child or bring a costume to the daycare. We will have a little parade inside the daycare with songs and games.

Mrs. Naouel and Mrs. Jessie


We would like to say farewell to Theo and Karlina’s family who moved to Sweden.

Welcome Mason to our room this month. We are going to have lots of fun together.

Happy 3rd birthday to Arielle and Sorcha this month

In October, children are busy with Thanksgiving and Halloween themes. For Thanksgiving, children will be making some gifts for their families and learning poems and rhymes about turkeys and pumpkins.

Some of our friends are done with potty training and some are still in the process. We are asking all the parents to work cooperatively with us on this potty training process.

Mrs. Alina and Mrs. Smita


Happy 4th birthday to Kingston and Adam, and 5th birthday to Juan this month. Children who joined us from Toddler room 2: Avica, Sutter and Vanessa show much improvement in socializing with their friends and teachers.

This month we will be working on a big project for Thanksgiving and the children are enjoying it a lot. We look forward to another month of fun. Children are enjoying making art by mixing, and experimenting with new materials.

Our Halloween Parade and Halloween Party will be on Wednesday October 31. We will be doing a parade around the block (weather permitting) and we will play lots of games and activities in the room.

Mrs. Gina and Mrs. Kusum

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