September 2018

Dear parents,

We are very excited for the start of another school year and are happy to see lots of new families joining our program.

Mrs. Hilda is working in the baby room. Mrs. Naouel and Mrs. Jessie are working with younger toddlers. Mrs. Alina and Mrs. Smita are teachers in toddler room 2. Mrs. Gina and Mrs. Kusum are working in the preschool room. Please feel free to ask the staff any questions about their classroom routines, your child’s participation, etc.

We would like to welcome Isabelle, Carter, Owen, Vanessa, Lukas, Harper, and Heidi this month.

Happy  2nd birthday to Jude, Drew, and Emily from toddler room 1.

Children in toddler room 1 and 2 were learning about different animals. The preschool room children are busy talking about weather changes, and birds migrating.

Children are still enjoying the nice weather and playing outside regularly.

Jane Pevzner

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