November Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Winter is coming, so please remember to send your child to daycare with mittens, hats, boots, because children still like to play outside.

With the bad weather approaching and traffic getting worse, please give yourself extra time for the commute as the daycare closes at 6:00, and the teachers would like to go home on time.

Important Notice: The daycare will be closed during Christmas break

December 25- January 1, and will be re-opened on Friday January 2. 

Thank you

Jane Pevzner

Baby Room

We would like to welcome Samuel to our room. He is adjusting really well, and getting to know his friends. We said goodbye to Angelina, who moved with her family to the NW. Karina is enjoying teaching them new songs, and watching them grow.


Toddler Room 1

The Halloween parade was fun. We were happy to see all the different costumes. We also were lucky to have an extra celebration as Maddon turns 2 on the 30th of October. Thank you to his mom for the great cake. In November, we will be making Poppies for Remembrance Day, and talking about animals getting ready for Winter. We said goodbye to our teacher Mina who moved to the NW with her family. We will all miss her. We would like to welcome Rushil to our room and wish Jaxon and Camilla on their move to Toddler Room 2 this month. Happy birthday to Ali on November 20.

Sue, Jennifer

Toddler Room 2

We would like to welcome Dione Connolly.  She used to be a kindergarten teacher in Ireland. Dione is looking forward to work with Gulay and your children. October was a busy month with all our Fall activities. We made autumn trees,turkeys for Thanksgiving, and the most fun experience was when we decorated our treat bags for Halloween and were excited to fill them up with candies. We are welcoming Jaxon, Camilla, and Bree to our room. We are hoping to have lots of fun together.

Dione, Gulay

Preschool Room

In October, we celebrated Thanksgiving, and Halloween, and children had a very good time decorating our room, making witches and bats.  In November, children will be learning about Remembrance Day, poppies, hibernation, and how different animals are getting ready for Winter.

As a reminder, parents, please don’t send any dry soup for lunch for your child. We would like to say goodbye to Julia who will stay at home with grandma, and welcome Fike to our room. Happy 4th Birthdays to Riley and Adefikayo in November.

Olga, Nicole, Mei

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