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July 2023

Monday, July 10th, 2023

Baby Room

We would like to welcome our new friends Louise, Mirabel, Ivana, and Alba to our room.

For the first week of July we’ll be celebrating Canada’s 156th birthday. The children are excited to make Canada flags with their hand prints.

Summer is here! During this theme, our circle time will include the book Baby Loves Summer. We have lots of fun sensory activities for the children, such as making sandals by using paint on their feet.

The third week of July we’ll be learning about tropical fruits. During circle time, we’ll be singing a fun, silly song called Apples and Bananas. For our story during the tropical fruit exploration, we’ll be reading the book called Baby Let’s Eat.

For the last week of July, we’ll be focusing our studies on beautiful butterflies. For this art experience, we will be encouraging children to use their fine motor skills, and help glue on small pieces of paper to create a beautiful butterfly. We’ll be teaching children a new song called Let’s Sing The Butterfly Song, and we will read the book Ten Magic Butterflies. We will also be keeping children busy with some peek-a-boo games, throwing and catching balls, and learning how to use a bike.

Mrs. Hilda, Mrs. Ina.

Toddler Room 1

We would like to welcome Rory to our room.

Happy 2nd birthday this month to Grace, Victoria, Bella, Marcus, and Dash.

We are excited to be starting our yummy ice cream unit. The children will enjoy sensory play and working with puffy paint to make ice cream art. We will be sharing books called The Little Ice Cream Truck, and The Full Scoop Story. Outside, we’ll be playing the ice cream game, where we try to knock a ball (our ice cream) out of a cone. We’ll talk about the Calgary Stampede, show pictures of cowboys and cowgirls and point out their special clothes, hats, and boots.

We will be going to the zoo (in our imagination), by pretending to be all kinds of zoo animals, looking at the pictures, and playing language games. We will read Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See, we will roar like lions, and we’ll teach children the songs We Are Going To The Zoo Zoo Zoo. Outdoors, we will play games where we walk like zoo animals.

Mrs. Naouel, Mrs. Georgina

Toddler Room 2

Hello families! We had so much fun in the month of June. The children loved working hard on their Father’s Day presents. They loved having their feet painted.

As we get into the month of July, we really get into the outdoor side of learning. The first couple weeks of July will consist of children learning all about camping, and different types of animals we may also encounter while out camping in the woods. We will talk about what we’ll need to bring when we’re out camping, and what activities we can do while we’re out in the forest. We’ll be using different items from nature, such as leaves, flowers, and twigs, for making art, as well as painting rocks, and using flowers as paint brushes.

We’ll be ending the month of July with a fun beach theme. As there are not too many beaches within close to proximity, we will be bringing the beach to the classroom. We’ll put sand in our sensory table, and the children will use different tools such as rakes, shovels, and buckets to build little toy castles, and make interesting creations.

In our water table, we’ll be putting different things that you may see floating in the water. We hope the weather will cooperate and bring many sunny days for children to play outside.

Mrs. Kayleigh, Mrs. Fanni

Preschool Room

Welcome to our room Sofia and Kenza, and also Happy Birthday to them, as well as Journee and Brooklynn.

Yahoo! Stampede is on the way! The horses are neighing, cowboys are shining their boots, and are ready to lasso some cows. We’ll be playing lots of outdoor games – Hoola Hoop Lasso, Broom Horse Barrel Racing. We’ll be learning a cowboy dance, and stretching with our cosmic kids wild west yoga. In our dramatic play area we’ll be cooking pancakes and reading books like The Gingerbread Cowboy. We’ll be making crafts like cowboy puppets, and decorating cowboy boots. During circle time, we’ll be learning what cowboys use on the ranch, and how they work. Get ready to dress up like a cowboy for show and tell.

We will learn watermelon and ice cream galore. These treats are so cool and refreshing in the summer months. We’ll be learning where they came from. We will read The Watermelon Madness, and The Watermelon Seed. We will learn how watermelons are grown, and how milk turns into ice cream. We’ll also enjoy some yummy watermelon and ice cream treats.

The last week will be all about the circus. This theme has so much to explore: circus performers, circus animal shows, cotton candy, popcorn, and snow cones. We will be playing The Ring Master Says. We will jump through the “flaming” hoops pretending to be lions, spin plates, juggle balls, learn a circus dance, and take a virtual field trip to the circus. Our art projects will include a trapeze performer, circus lollipops, popcorn, cotton candy, and tissue paper snow cones.

Mrs. Tanya, Mrs. Izabela, Mrs. Trixie