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January 2023

Sunday, January 15th, 2023

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the New Year! I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing holiday. Staff would like to thank the parents for the lovely Christmas gifts. We wish everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.

As you know, we have created new menus in accordance with the Canada Food Guide and suggestions from Public Health Dietitian. This month we will be introducing one week of our newly created menu. The Dietitian advised that it may take children 15 or more tries before they accept a new food. We won’t pressure children to eat certain amounts or types of food because it’s the children’s decision if, and how much to eat. You can find the new menu in the kitchen on the main floor, and on the Parent Information board in the Preschool Room.

We would like to welcome our new teacher Mrs. Shagee who moved from Saskatchewan. She will be helping out in Toddler Room 2.

Baby Room

We are excited to start a new year with new friends who have joined our room – Briar and Grace.

All of the children are enjoying singing songs and doing finger plays. We have been singing about animals (roaring like bears and tigers). Babies have also been doing arts with paint and lots of sensory activities.

Playing with bubbles has been our favorite. Watching the bubbles float around, and popping them with our fingers.

Mrs. Hilda, Mrs. Heba

Toddler Room 1 & 2

We would like to welcome Marcus who joined us from the Baby Room. He’s having a great time with his new friends.

Happy 2nd Birthdays to Bennett, Zachary, and Madeline this month.

Every day at circle time, our toddlers are learning new words, such as January, winter, snow, etc. We continue to do name recognition with shapes, numbers, and colours. Children always enjoy movement, music, and exercises.

This month we’ll be focusing on winter weather, winter animals, and what the do this season. Children will pretend to hibernate like a bear, walk like a penguin, and play in the snow like apolar bear. Our art project will consist of painting bears, constructing penguins, etc. We will be playing “we’re going on a bear hunt”, and reading the books “Hello World”, “Arctic Animals”, and “Fredrick Fox”

Mrs. Naouel, Mrs. Georgina, Mrs. Susan, Mrs. Izabela

Preschool Room

Happy New Year!

We would like to welcome Stella to our room.

Happy Birthday to Stella and Adrien.

Last month the children focused on multicultural holidays such as Hannukah, Kwanza, and Christmas. January’s theme will be all about winter sports and activities, such as hockey, figure skating, snow boarding, sledding, and skiing. Our crafts will feature hockey jerseys, skates, snow boards, etc. Children will be having fun and playing different winter sports outside on the playground.

In the “All About Me” theme, the children will be learning about themselves. Our first week will be an introduction to the topic “my family”. Children will create their self portraits and practice spelling their name. The children will be encouraged to talk about their families, cultures, and homes.

Our next installment of “All About Me” theme will be about our senses. We will discuss different sounds we hear, smells we can detect, sensations we feel when we touch things, sight, and taste. We will read My Amazing Body, All About Me, A Book of Thanks, Peppa Pig – Tooth Fairy. We will learn about how our senses work, and which body parts are associated with each sense.

We look forward to a great New Year ahead.

Mrs. Tanya, Mrs. Alina