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February 2019

Sunday, February 3rd, 2019

Dear Parents,

The daycare will be closed on February 18th for the Family Day Long Weekend.

We would like to welcome Benjamin, Jovan, and Jayden to our program this month.

February is a big month for birthdays – Happy birthday to Karter, Benjamin, Livvy, Gweneth, Maya, Owen, Alexie, Iyla.

It is such a pleasure to watch every child in our program learn and grow. It is a joy to see them explore and develop new skills. Our programming is still based upon the observations and child interests.

We have lots of exciting things happening in our Baby Room. Children are starting to walk and we are hearing some words like Mamma, Dadda. Some of them are become very independent and are trying to feed themselves using a spoon.

In Toddle Room 1, we have seen a big improvement in many of the children’s self help skills (cleaning up, dressing themselves, potty training) over the course of this month. It has been so much fun to share in their excitement over their accomplishments. If your toddler is ready for toilet training, please talk to staff about this transition.

We had a very fun January doing many crafts and activities related to winter. This month, our focus will be on diversity, families, and how they are different from one another. Children in the Preschool Room will have a Valentine’s Day Party on Thursday February 14. Parents are welcome to bring cards or treats for the children in the room.

Our outdoor time is very important, so we would like to ask you to bring warm clothes with your child every day as we spend long periods of time outside playing and exploring.

We also welcome any donations of extra pants as we can use them for children who are starting the potty training process.

Jane Pevzner